Fictional news: Apple and Facebook to team up for an iOS exclusive Instagram app

Is platform exclusives the next big thing?

As the smartphone platforms have gotten closer in terms of customer experience and hardware capability over the last few years, we have arrived at where gaming consoles had arrived many years ago: platform exclusives.

A brand new Instagram app

It seems Apple has a new trick up its sleeve. Joining forces with Facebook, the tech giant is planning to release an iOS-only Instagram.

While providing the same functionality as the current app, the iOS exclusive is expected have a brand new user interface design that fully capitalizes on the upcoming Apple hardware, thus offering a significantly better performance and user experience that may not be possible on any Android platform. That would mean the newest and most resource-hungry AR content will be experienced on this app.

Exclusive celebrity and influencer content

Apple also reportedly made deals with multiple A-list Hollywood stars, musicians and sports legends so that they post photos, stories and livestreams exclusive to the iOS platform. We don’t yet know how these content would differ from what they already share.

This is as all we know so far, but we hope to get more details pretty soon.

This is a fictional news intended to speculate about what is to come.

*The Apple logo is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.



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