When business goals clash with user needs

A tiny lego piece is placed on a lego board.
Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

A case study of worldbuilding using design fiction films

How user stories can help

Instagram colors applied to the Apple logo

Is platform exclusives the next big thing?

A brand new Instagram app

Do you remember?

Because there’s no such thing as UX design.

An owl looking at the camera
UX designers be like… (Photo by Dominik VO on Unsplash)

A scanned drawing of a train within rings of magnets
One of the original sketches of the idea

How I designed a maglev train/Hyperloop hybrid when I was 12 years old

The global pandemic might change how we interact with daily objects.

A person opening a door with lower arm using a level
Image credit: Fortum

Döngüsel ekonomiye geçişte tasarım nasıl bir rol üstleniyor?

Kurumsal gelecek vizyonları gerçekten geleceği tahmin etmek için mi üretiliyor?

Can Aslan

Product Designer/Manager. Currently a “UX person” @CambPressAssess . Pancake, 80s and F1 fan. Filmmaker and football star in parallel universes.

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