I think, especially after the recent initiatives by the big tech companies, no one is really asking whether it will happen or not...

Meta (aka Facebook) has been pointing out for years in their annual Connect events that it is a matter of when and not if.

When business goals clash with user needs

In Agile software development, features and functionality planning is usually documented in the form of user stories. Ideally, a user story represents a user goal and an outcome, and is told from user’s point of view. This helps Agile teams to keep users at the center of the development process.

Because there’s no such thing as UX design.

An owl looking at the camera
UX designers be like… (Photo by Dominik VO on Unsplash)

It did not occur to me until I read James Mingardi-Elliott’s article “There is no such thing as UX Design”. He brilliantly explained his reasoning behind why the term “UX design” doesn’t make sense and it resonated with me.

UX Design as the name for Product Design made total sense…

A scanned drawing of a train within rings of magnets
One of the original sketches of the idea

How I designed a maglev train/Hyperloop hybrid when I was 12 years old

When I was a little kid, I used to be quite a scientist. I worked on ideas ranging from firefighting drones, smart car user interfaces to sci-fi dreams of teleportation and hoverboard. …

The global pandemic might change how we interact with daily objects.

A person opening a door with lower arm using a level
Image credit: Fortum

As every person is a potential virus carrier and each publicly used object is potentially contaminated, how we perceive and interact with these objects have been dramatically changed. Thus, the core concepts of product design might be subject to change as well.

One of these concepts is affordance, which was…

Can Aslan

Product Designer/Manager. Currently a “UX person” @CambPressAssess . Pancake, 80s and F1 fan. Filmmaker and football star in parallel universes.

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